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Irving News

Panhandling on the Rise in Irving

Panhandlers are seen around Irving intersections.  Residents are noticing an increase of individuals asking for money and it's becoming a problem for business owners.  The sign attached to this story was taken at the 7-eleven on Esters Rd and Highway 183. 

Are these people in need or are they taking advantage of Irving's giving spirit? 

One facebook user commented about Irving, "My home town is not the same place. It’s a sad reality in multiple cities. I’ve never seen a sign like this in my life. I’ve witnessed entire families parking nice cars behind Chilis to make their way to the Hwy intersection. They even spread out and have children sitting by them. I gave once until the woman obviously was not satisfied with my gesture. It’s difficult to discern sometimes who is really deserving."

We've tried to reach Irving officials on what's being done to control panhandlers, but our attempts have been ignored so far.    


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