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Nonprofit 'We Carry Kevan' Will Host Community Event in Irving to Celebrate Accessibility for the Disabled

Nonprofit organization We Carry Kevan hosts a special one-time community event for local people interested to learn more about inter-abled friendship caregiving and innovative accessibility.

We Carry Kevan (WCK) has distributed over 800 WCK Backpacks in 38 countries in the past three years, specially designed carrier backpacks with unique adjustable features to support individuals with mobility-related disabilities. But WCK is about more than a backpack; it is about building relationships and making connections between able-bodied and disabled group to redefine accessibility through a mutually invested “inter-abled community.” Because of this, Kevan Chandler and his team have travelled from out of state (Indiana, North Carolina, and Florida) to visit families in the Dallas/Fort Worth area who have received WCK Backpacks. Their desire is to know these families better and offer them encouragement, as well as introduce them to each other for ongoing support.

At the end of the week, on Saturday, March 11, the WCK team will host a community event called “Celebrate Accessibility.” It will be at Irving Bible Church (2435 Kinwest Parkway, Irving, TX) from 4pm-6pm, and it is free and open to the public. There will be an exclusive viewing of the WCK documentary, which tells about Kevan’s epic adventures in Europe and China, followed by a Q&A session with Chandler and his friends. Chandler’s book, We Carry Kevan, will also be available for sale and signing, and the team will share about the various practical ways people can be involved in this exciting work. They hope to meet many new friends at the event – individuals with disabilities as well as their families and friends, and others in the community who are curious to learn how they can “carry” others.

"We Carry Kevan" was the name of the campaign that Kevan Chandler and his friends used to raise funds and awareness about their trip to Europe in 2016. Because of the overwhelming positive response and connections made through the campaign, We Carry Kevan (WCK) was established as a 501c3 nonprofit organization, with the mission to mobilize individuals with disabilities by redefining accessibility as a cooperative effort through investment, interaction, and innovation. The board, staff, and volunteers of WCK seek to foster a culture of creative accessibility by collaborating with families with disabilities around the world - sharing Kevan's story as encouragement and inspiration, traveling to visit them in their homes and communities, distributing specially designed carrier backpacks, and having ongoing conversations about new or alternative ideas for customized access.

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