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Teenager Overcomes Major Injury to Pursue Football Dream

Eddrick Jordan

For the past six months, 17-year-old Eddrick Jordan has dedicated countless hours to Parkland Health’s physical therapy room, steadily regaining his strength to return to the sport he loves.

Jordan's passion for sports dates back to his early childhood, playing alongside his younger brother. However, football always held a special place in his heart. His mother, April Martin, fondly recalls his early commitment to the game. “I could never get him off the football field,” she said, smiling as she looked through pictures of a young Jordan in his football gear.

“Playing football is my passion and it allows me to get out of my comfort zone,” Jordan shared.

However, his promising future in football faced a sudden challenge. During a pre-season scrimmage, he experienced a sharp pain in his left leg, followed by a popping sensation. Struggling to stand, he was in immense pain.

“He experienced a twisting injury during the game, and he actually tore his ACL and injured his meniscus,” said Nathan Boes, MD, Parkland’s Sports Medicine Director.

The ACL is a crucial ligament for knee stability, and the meniscus acts as a cushion during movement. To restore stability and prevent further damage, Jordan underwent surgery to reconstruct his ACL.

“The ACL does not have a great ability to heal itself,” Dr. Boes explained. “So, we had to reconstruct the knee by taking a ligament from somewhere else to replace his ACL.”

Athletes often face a lengthy recovery process after an ACL injury, typically taking 7-9 months of rehabilitation. For Jordan, this setback became motivation to return stronger to the sport he loves.

“I felt hurt because I had never been injured before and football means everything to me,” he said. “But Parkland helped me during this tough time.”

Parkland’s Sports Medicine Clinic offers comprehensive care for sport-related injuries. Dr. Boes and his team are dedicated to helping athletes recover and return to their sports.

“Our responsibility is to help our patients get back on track and get back to playing the game they love as quickly as possible,” Dr. Boes said. “It’s a privilege for me to be able to walk along with them in their journey.”

With his senior year approaching, Jordan is focused on a full recovery to play college football. His family, coaches, and teammates have been a source of support and motivation.

“My family, my coaches, and my teammates depended on me to get better, so I knew I needed to just keep going,” Jordan said. He also credited his mother’s unwavering support for helping him persevere.

“I’m most thankful for my mother because she kept pushing me through everything, even when I did not want to keep going,” he said, smiling at his mother.

Jordan remains determined to complete his physical therapy and continue pursuing his passion for football.

“If you love a sport, then just keep going and don’t stop,” he said.

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