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Assault Conviction: Man Sentenced to 17 Years for Leaving Victim in Vegetative State

Jeylen Calhoun

In a recent court case, 28-year-old Jeylen Calhoun was found guilty of Aggravated Assault Causing Serious Bodily Injury. The trial, led by prosecutor Rachel Champion and presided over by Judge Keena Miller, saw Calhoun convicted for a brutal attack that left the victim in a persistent vegetative state.

The incident stemmed from a minor traffic accident between Calhoun and the victim. Following a physical altercation where Calhoun initially lost, he proceeded to relentlessly assault the victim, striking them multiple times and stomping on their face. After briefly leaving the scene, Calhoun returned to retrieve his shoes and continued the assault, striking the victim two more times.

The severity of the attack resulted in the victim suffering serious and irreversible injuries, leaving them in a vegetative state since the incident.

During the trial, evidence included a disturbing Facebook Live video where Calhoun bragged about the assault in the hours following the incident.

Ultimately, on May 24, 2024, Jeylen Calhoun was found guilty and sentenced to 17 years in prison, with a finding that a deadly weapon was used in the commission of the crime. The prosecution team, led by DA Investigator Scott Sayers and DA Paralegal Wanda Ford, presented a compelling case that resulted in the conviction.

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