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7 Basketball Equipment Newbies Will Need

Basketball is a popular sport for all genders. It has also been attracting numerous aspiring athletes. Thus, questions like where to start and what to prepare will cloud the newbies’ minds.

If you are like them, it is crucial to understand that the right equipment will help you throughout your journey as a beginner. Here are a few basketball equipment you can look into to give you a headstart.


In close contact sports like basketball, you must have equipment that protects the vital areas of your body.

The mouthguard secures your mouth area and protects your cheeks, lips, teeth, and tongue during a game or training. Areas surrounding the mouth are at risk in every game. Thus, do not forget to bring your mouthguard, especially during important training and events.

Dribbling Goggles

If you have been training for a while now and still have issues with dribbling, these goggles will help you. Dribbling goggles help players improve their dribbles. It works by blocking your vision below your chest and preventing you from looking down at the ball while dribbling. In other words, the goggles help keep your eyes up.

It is crucial training because looking down while dribbling can cut defenses and let the opposing team read their moves. The athlete might also lag and fail to read open cutters that could help the team. To start improving your dribbling skills, you can begin with dribbling goggles.

Knee Support And Elbow Pads

Knee support and elbow pads are necessary equipment for professional players and trainees. A game can get super serious, and incidents that result in injuries can happen. So is the training since basketball is a sport that will need physical grind, so you must prepare safety measures and equip yourself with safety gear.

Moreover, knee support comes in different materials, shapes, and functions. It helps the players in several ways. One of which is to cushion the blows from collisions. It can also help in protecting an already injured knee. Knee support like this is called a knee sleeve, and it has 360 degrees of compression that wraps their knee joint, alleviates swelling, and controls pain.

If you’re a fan or bettor who checks the latest odds with FanDuel Sportsbook, you’ll notice how athletes usually wear elbow pads to protect other players. At most times, players can get into the game and unconsciously shove their elbows at the opposing person. It can cause bruises to the other player or injure them during a game. Newbies should take note of this and prepare their knee support and elbow pads.

Athletic Tape

The primary use of athletic tools is to support muscles throughout your body. The athletic tape helps increase blood flow to certain areas of your body. For injured players, they use this tool to decrease swelling to decrease pain and support that area.

The different athletic tape also has other functions, such as rigid athletic tape and elastic tape. Rigid tape is a stiffer type that restricts movement, provides very firm support to injured areas, and adds stability for a few periods. Meanwhile, the elastic tape offers flexibility and is usually made from cotton. It is used to treat or prevent injuries to your joints like sprains and strains.

You usually apply the athletic tape to certain muscle areas. After that, ensure that it is not too tight not to disrupt the blood flow.

Agility Ladder

In terms of training, coaches will also use equipment to help basketball players improve their quickness. Furthermore, basketball requires excellent footwork for better performance, and the agility ladder enables you to develop them.

Additionally, the agility ladder strengthens your knees and helps you avoid collisions. It will also help you improve your coordination with the all-out short bursts knee workout whenever you use this equipment.

Training centers provide this equipment, and the coach oversees the coaching. So, you can pass on owning one yourself unless you want to start training at home. Still, owning one will give you an advantage in working out.

Weighted Basketballs

As a newbie, you will probably spend lots of time training and building your muscles for the actual game. Some coaches use weighted basketballs when training their players. It is to set a more intense factor to the training game than the actual event. This practice is to prepare them for any game situation.

Aside from that, training with weighted basketball will also help you strengthen your shooting and rebounding drills. Since this equipment weighs more than the actual bill, it gives resistance to your force, increasing your power and handle and increasing your play efficiency.

Sports Shoes

First of all, you should understand that you should wear a pair of shoes specialized for basketball. There are materials and features of a basketball shoe not found in regular shoes. These have significant advantages to the athletes and can increase their efficiency.

Moreover, a proper basketball shoe lowers the risk of foot injuries during practice and the actual game. Shoes like this are designed especially for the sport and maintain high traction on the basketball court. Choosing the right shoes would help if it is a close fit and gives sufficient ankle support.

Additionally, you must be mindful of your comfort. Choose a pair of shoes that offers it the best.

Final Thoughts

The ride to the top is going to be a tough one. As a starter, it would be best to find equipment that will be with you along the way. Look for equipment that will help you grow to be a better player. At the same time, it gives you sufficient comfort and support.

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