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7 Reasons Why Large Trucks are Prone to Accidents

Large commercial vehicles are heavier and more difficult to maneuver than passenger cars. Trucks are also often dangerous because they share the road with small vehicles, pickup trucks, motorcycles, and occasionally pedestrians or bicyclists. Depending on the type of truck, small cars, bikes, and pedestrians are less protected from impact damage by a large truck. Truck accidents can result in trauma, including brain injury, spinal cord damage, and other catastrophic conditions to everyone on the road.

However, this blog will tell you the seven reasons for truck accidents.

1. Fatigue Driving

Professional drivers are mostly under pressure to reach their destinations as quickly as possible. Although recent changes to hours of service laws have been introduced to reduce fatigued driving, it is common for many drivers to deliberately disobey the rules to please their employers and make money. Additionally, a lack of drivers across the country has increased the strain on current drivers.

2. Failure to Keep the Vehicle in Good Condition

Even though drivers must check and maintain their cars regularly, this is not always the case. Poor or absent maintenance, especially brakes and tires, can cause problems. These issues, therefore, affect the truck's handling and make it difficult for the driver to stop and maneuver safely.

3. Negligence by a Trucking Company

Unfortunately, several examples of trucking businesses do not adhere to appropriate recruiting practices. When companies hire drivers with poor driving abilities, a history of traffic violations, various medical concerns, or invalid licensing credentials, they endanger other drivers on the road. Companies should also guarantee that drivers receive adequate training before driving.  With this, one reputable truck training services offer top-notch commercial truck driver training in New Brunswick, ensuring aspiring drivers receive the highest quality instruction and hands-on experience to excel in their careers

4. Overloaded With Cargo

An FMCSA study identified cargo transfers as having the highest relative risk of causing an accident. When drivers or businesses don't properly secure cargo, the truck can move as it travels down the road. These fluctuations can result in an uneven distribution of the vehicle's weight, making it extremely difficult to control. Considering how quickly liquid cargo can change, this is especially true.

5. Bad Weather Conditions

Bad weather can make it difficult for truck drivers to operate and impair their visibility. Fog, wind, snow, ice, rain, and other weather elements can result in multi-truck and multi-car pileups with severe casualties.

6. Challenging Road

Truck drivers can try to maneuver around challenging road construction scenarios by using the shoulder or median of the road, but doing so puts them at risk of overturning or hitting another vehicle.

7. Failure of Vehicle Brakes

Although truck driver error causes most truck accidents, it is not always the case. In some cases, the truck manufacturer or trucking business may be held liable because the vehicle was not properly inspected, maintained, or had a defective item. For example, one of the causes of transportation accidents is brake failure.


A lot of factors contribute to truck incidents. Many of these issues are avoidable with a little caution. Unfortunately, not all commercial drivers and their companies take this precaution, and as a result, other road users often suffer the consequences. You can overcome the financial burdens of an accident by filing a claim. Several law firms are helping their clients in the truck accident claim process. Approach a law firm that can help you to get the compensation you deserve.

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