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Edinburg, Texas News

Texas Mom Repeatedly Slapped Her Crying Baby After Loosing Weed

Zaira Rina Worrel

In a heartless case, a Mom from Edinburg, Texas took out her frustration on her baby after loosing a bag of weed.

23-year-old Zaira Rina Worrel was arrested on charges of injury to a child with intent to cause bodily injury.

Edinburg Police received a call on April 30, 2023, from a relative Worrel after she had slapped her 4-month-old several times.

In the call she said Worress kept screaming for the baby to shut-up in spanish, then heard four or five loud slaps.

According to a criminal complaint obtained by, Worrel told her relative, “lt’s my child. I have the right to hit her,” before hitting the child again with an open hand on her face.

At first, Worrel told police that she was just tired from a long day at work and wanted to rest but her baby would not stop crying.

Later, she finally admitted to striking her child to prove to her relative that she could do "whatever she wants with the baby".

On May 1, police conducted another in-custody interview where Worrel changed the story and admitted that she had been upset ath she could not find her "weed".

Worrel was booked into Hidalgo County Jail the same day. She received a bond of $25,000


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