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NTX Image Triumphs in U.S. Adult Soccer National Amateur Cup

In the realm of sports, achieving the status of champions is the ultimate goal. In the month of August, we celebrated the remarkable journey of NTX Image, a team that not only clinched victory in the U.S. Adult Soccer Association National Amateur Cup but also embodied the true essence of determination and teamwork throughout their quest for glory. What sets champions apart isn't just their skill, but their unwavering spirit. The heart of this team beats with the guidance of their coach, Joe Soliz. Under his mentorship, the squad played every match with unparalleled passion and resolve, truly reflecting his coaching philosophy and dedication to success.

The road to the National Amateur Cup was fraught with challenges for the team, but their persistent determination and unwavering commitment eventually paid off. Despite facing substantial setbacks, including the loss of a key player, the remaining team members and their coach united to represent North Texas in the tournament. Their hard work didn't go unnoticed, as North Texas Soccer, North Texas Coed Soccer Association, and the Region III Board provided invaluable support along the way. With their backing, the team arrived in Bettendorf, Iowa, ready to showcase their skills on the national stage. Despite the hurdles they encountered, the team's passion and determination empowered them to surmount every obstacle, leading them to the pinnacle of their sport.

While the championship trophy will undoubtedly glisten in North Texas' trophy case, the true testament to this team's greatness lies in the inspiration they've instilled in those who followed their journey. Through their unwavering dedication and tireless effort, they've proven that winning a National Amateur Cup is an achievable dream. Their triumph will undoubtedly serve as a guiding light for future adult soccer players in North Texas.

We take immense pleasure in extending our heartfelt congratulations to this phenomenal group of women for their championship victory! Your journey has been nothing short of inspiring, and you have undoubtedly motivated countless individuals to pursue greatness. We thank you for being a shining example of hard work, determination, and perseverance.

Team Members: Courtney Burnette, Ashley Campuzano, Leslie Campuzano, Jacqueline Cortez, Jarin Fudge, Alyssa Gomez, Leslie Guereca, Mitzy Guereca, Katie Hall, Emily Jorgens, Kennedy Kessler, Brittney Martin, Amy Renteria, Alexia Salas, and Joseline Sorto Coach: Joe Soliz

About NTX Image

North Texas Image (NTX) is a woman's soccer team and a Dallas-based organization has a long history of success at both the regional and national level.  Joe Soliz is the team owner and also serves as the head coach.  The Image matches are played at the Old Panther Stadium in Duncanville.  The main objective is to provide quality soccer for female players in and after college with high energy training and the continued experience of playing world class soccer matches throughout the summer. The credo of the NTX Image soccer team is “we are a family!”


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