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Lee Park Swimming Pool Replacement Gains Momentum With Award of Design Contract

Current state of Lee Park pool

The Let’s Play Irving: Elevating Aquatics & Recreation plan to replace the Lee Park Swimming Pool took a significant step forward during the recent City Council meeting held on September 14. The City Council, in a unanimous decision, approved two crucial items that will propel the project forward:

  1. Construction Manager at Risk (CMR): The council named The Fain Group, Inc., as the Construction Manager at Risk (CMR). Under this approach, a construction manager is appointed to oversee the project from start to finish. The CMR method is chosen to expedite the construction of the new Lee Park Swimming Pool and optimize the project's overall quality while maintaining cost-effectiveness for the city.

  2. Design Services Contract: The council also awarded a design services contract to Dunaway Associates, Inc. This contract encompasses the comprehensive design work required for the new family-oriented neighborhood pool at Lee Park.

The decision to employ the CMR method aims to streamline the construction process and reduce the project timeline, ensuring that the new Lee Park Swimming Pool becomes a reality efficiently. This approach emphasizes delivering the highest quality while keeping costs manageable for the city.

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board supported moving forward with the contracts at its June 12 meeting.

In June 2023, the City of Irving announced the bold ‘Let’s Play Irving’ vision. Part of the plan includes the demolition and replacement of the swimming pool at Lee Park, which is anticipated to open Spring/Summer 2025. Other projects in the plan include new facilities and amenities for Lively Pointe, Senter Park and Mustang Park.

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