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29 Years Later, Megan Johns’ Murder Case Still Unsolved: Irving Police Seek Public Help in Cold Case

October 5, 2023, marks 29 years since the brutal murder of Megan Johns, a case that has haunted the community since 1994. Megan, a resident of Walnut Hill Ln in North Irving, was found dead in her apartment on that fateful day.

Megan's coworkers grew concerned when she failed to show up for work on October 5, 1994. They contacted the Apple Apartments where she resided. A maintenance worker, responding to the concern, entered her apartment through the sliding glass door and made the grim discovery - Megan's lifeless body lying face down in the living room. She had been stabbed multiple times.

Megan Beth Johns

Detectives working on the case theorize that Megan likely knew her attacker, as there were no signs of forced entry. The apartment was ransacked, suggesting a possible motive related to a search for something specific. Megan, who had battled addiction in the past, had managed to maintain her sobriety for five years. During this time, she devoted herself to helping others overcome similar struggles. Base don't on that information, Irving Police detectives say many individuals with drug and/or alcohol addictions were around Megan and could have wanted to take advantage of her.

To aid in solving this cold case, the Irving Police Department has released a 3-minute video detailing the investigation. Authorities suspect that the murderer may not be residing in Irving or even Texas presently. In a plea to the public, the police are urging residents to share the video widely to help keep Megan's story alive and potentially uncover new leads.

If you possess any information related to this case, please contact the Irving Police Department at 972-273-1010 or email them at, referencing case number #94-48943. Your cooperation could be instrumental in bringing justice to Megan Johns and closure to her grieving loved ones.

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