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Elderly Man Arrested for Attempted Murder of Wife Amidst Dementia Struggles

Seymour Taffler

In a startling incident, 96-year-old Seymour Taffler was arrested by the Berea Police Department and booked into the Madison County Sheriff's Office for attempting to kill his wife, 90-year-old Elaine Taffler. The arrest occurred after officers were called to the Taffler home in response to a possible domestic violence situation.

Upon arrival, the Taffler's daughter informed the officers that she had discovered her father standing over her mother, attempting to smother her. Seymour Taffler confessed to the police that he was trying to end his wife's suffering, as she has been living with dementia. He also revealed his intention to take his own life after the incident.

According to the police statement, Seymour Taffler explained that he took this extreme step because his wife had expressed her readiness to die, believing they both didn't have much time left. Elaine Taffler was immediately taken to the hospital for medical evaluation, and her current condition remains unknown.

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