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City Council Approves Changes to Solid Waste Collection Guidelines in Irving

In a decision made during the October 12 City Council meeting, amendments to Chapter 33 – Refuse, Garbage, and Weeds were approved, altering the guidelines for solid waste collection in Irving. These changes are set to take effect on December 4, bringing a shift in the frequency of trash collection services for residents.

As previously announced, starting on December 4, residents in Irving can expect their trash to be collected twice per week. This marks a return to the previous schedule, which was once per week. However, recycling, brush, and bulky items will continue to be collected once per week.

The modifications to Chapter 33 aim to standardize solid waste collection practices across the city, streamlining the process and ensuring more efficient services for residents.

Collection Guidelines

Solid Waste Collection Map

Download the Collection Map (English/Spanish)

  • Solid waste will not be collected on city holidays.
  • If a trash collection day falls on a city holiday, then trash will only be collected once that week.
  • If the holiday is a recycling, brush or bulky item collection day, those items will be collected the following week.

Schedule & Location

  • Place waste at curb by 7 a.m. on collection day and/or after 6 p.m. the night before
  • Place waste in area free of obstructions (overhead lines, mailboxes, parked vehicles, etc.)
  • Separate waste piles by 2-3 feet of unobstructed space
  • Store waste exceeding the weekly limit away from public view until next collection day
  • Place waste at address listed on residential utility account

Size & Weight

  • Bags cannot weigh more than 50 pounds
  • Use 13- to 30-gallon size bags
  • Bags must be tied/closed
  • Roll-off container rental available for large amounts of brush, bulky and construction and demolition items
  • Eight trash bag limit per collection day
  • Unlimited volume of recycling bags
    • Use translucent blue recycling bags. (Available for purchase at City Hall and Irving Recreation Centers)

Cardboard Boxes

  • Place inside trash bag or blue recycling bag
  • Flatten and place under blue bag for recycling
  • Large boxes (appliances, furniture, etc.) do not have to be flattened but must be empty

Brush Debris

  • Unlimited bagged leaves and grass clippings
  • Trim brush to 4 feet in length and a max weight 50 pounds
  • Stumps/logs no larger than 2 feet in diameter

Bulky Items

  • Limit four per week
  • Includes easily movable household items, such as a sofa, chair, table, mattress, etc.
  • Toilets are collected provided they are not part of a larger pile of construction and demolition debris

Items Not Collected

  • Waste produced by a contractor, landscaper, tree trimmer, etc.
    • Must be removed by the service provider
  • Tires
    • Up to five passenger tires per calendar year can be brought to the landfill for free but will not be collected at the curb
  • Construction & Demolition Debris
    • Roll-off containers are available for rental, or construction and demolition items can be brought to the landfill but will not be collected at the curb
    • Examples include tub, sink, countertop, flooring, cabinetry, doors, windows, light fixtures, sheetrock, insulation, roofing, fencing, concrete, asphalt, rock, dirt, bricks, sand, A/C systems, pool materials/parts and other construction materials

Hunter Ferrell Landfill

110 E. Hunter Ferrell Road
Monday–Saturday | 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Free Daily Drop Off

Residents must provide identification (i.e. drivers license) and an Irving utility bill with a matching address.

  • Household trash less than 150 pounds
  • Unlimited recycling
  • Unlimited clean brush
  • Unlimited loose leaves and grass clippings
  • Unlimited clean dirt, sand, bricks, gravel, etc.

Construction & Demolition Debris

Drop off will be charged the standard Landfill Fee

  • Tipping fee is $48 per ton and $12 for every 500 pounds (quarter-ton)


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