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Irving and Texas Ready for the Full 5G Revolution

The fifth generation of the internet is swiftly on its way, and for some high-paying customers, is already available with certain devices in set parts of the world. Already, internet and telecom companies have already set up 5G coverage in major cities around the world, including in Irving and the other major metropolitan areas of Texas.

This helps to position the Lone Star State for the future of 5G internet and all of its world-enhancing capabilities when it arrives to the masses. As well as this, companies have already flooded into the state to present even better forms of 5G, as well as greatly enhanced internet options for the meantime.

Texas primed for some of the best 5G going

Being in the Texas hub of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, Irving benefits from being among the top markets in the state and, often, among the first areas to get the major upgrades to local tech. When it comes to internet connections, Irving residents can already tap into the super-fast Frontier Fiber connections that, as the name suggests, run on fiber internet for enhanced upload speeds that match download speeds.

As for the 5G future, infrastructure is already in place. In fact, it was way back in January 2020 that the 5G digital towers officially arrived in the city of Irving. Already helping North Texas to cope with the massive rate of demand in cellular and wireless connections, they’ll become anchors for customers as 5G connectivity becomes more widespread and accessible.

Also in Texas, the company Ericsson has established one of the most impressive feats of 5G technology so far. Over in Plano, the proof-of-concept site has showcased that Ericsson can operate a new solar and battery-powered 5G platform. Not only will this breakthrough keep the costs down for 5G connections, but it will also help the company and state edge closer to sustainability goals.

Changing the state of play with 5G

Image by Gerd Altmann

When 5G arrives and sees widespread adoption, it’ll completely change the way that we do so much. One of the biggest points of interest is in business, with the potential for big data and AI to help bolster enterprises of all sizes. Then, there’s the potential for smart public services, like smart roads and, eventually, smart cities.

Of course, consumer adoption of most new technologies tends to center around entertainment. Show that 5G can result in better, more convenient, and easy-to-use entertainment, and you’ll quickly find it to be adopted en masse. Given the quality of modern entertainment, it’s fair to argue how it could be improved upon.

After all, at the top platform according to BonusFinder’s review on their site, you can already play live dealer games online as though you were sat at a classy Vegas casino. On top of this, online slots and other games that can be played with the $25 no-deposit bonus don’t seem to be too taxing on the current generation of the internet.

Like with most major upgrades that have come in tech and the internet, it’s tough to envisage how much better things can get when developers have the new tech to work with. Still, cutting latency and improving speeds will lead to great advancements. As well as this, 5G could make AR wearables and massive VR environments, like the Metaverse, a widely accessible reality.

This next generation of the internet is on its way, and without a doubt, Irving is ready to capitalize on the new technology.

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