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Plano, Texas News

Catalytic Converter Thefts on the Rise in Plano, Targeting High School Parking Lots

Despite a decline in catalytic converter thefts in recent times, a concerning trend has emerged in Plano as thieves now target vehicles in high school parking lots. The focus appears to be on Toyota trucks and SUVs, as well as Mitsubishi Outlanders.

While the prices of metals have decreased and overall incidents have reduced, local authorities warn residents that this property crime remains relevant. In response to the surge in thefts, Plano residents are encouraged to take preventative measures to safeguard their vehicles.

Preventative Measures:

  • Install anti-theft protection devices, such as shields.
  • Etch your VIN or other identifying information onto the converter.
  • Paint the converter orange for easy identification.
  • Park in well-lit areas or near surveillance cameras.
  • Install motion-activated lights and cameras, especially in residential areas.


  • Remain vigilant and report any suspicious vehicles or behaviors, particularly in school parking lots.
  • Pay attention to loud cutting noises, as high-power tools like Sawzalls are commonly used in these thefts.
  • Do not confront thieves, as they are often armed. Instead, immediately call 9-1-1.

Given the recent spike in catalytic converter thefts in high school parking lots, it is crucial for parents to educate their children about these preventative measures and raise awareness about the potential risks associated with this trend.

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