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Irving Police Crisis Response Unit Joins Dallas County Peers in Mental Health Dialogue

Dallas County Health and Human Services recently witnessed a remarkable event as Mental Health Response Teams from across Dallas County congregated for a purposeful gathering. Representatives from various areas such as Dallas, Irving, Grand Prairie, Cedar Hill, Balch Springs, and more came together to exchange experiences and insights.

The meeting provided a platform for these teams to share the challenges they face on a daily basis, from aiding individuals contemplating suicide to assisting those without shelter. Despite the uphill battles they encounter, the teams emphasized the importance of collaboration in their endeavors. Garland’s team highlighted the necessity of working collectively rather than in isolation.

A significant revelation at the gathering was the introduction of Parkland Biotel, which functions as an intermediary for emergency calls, ensuring appropriate assistance reaches those in need. Their objective is to reduce reliance on 911 calls for mental health crises by dispatching a social worker and a paramedic to address such situations directly.

However, alongside their successes, the teams also addressed the shortcomings in their operations, citing insufficient funding, space, and resources, particularly during after-hours emergencies. Many of the individuals they assist grapple with multifaceted issues requiring prolonged support.

In a notable development, Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot demonstrated tangible support by allocating funds to various mental health initiatives. A substantial donation of $250,000 was directed towards the Dallas RIGHT Care Program, while $200,000 was earmarked for Needs Assessments in Northwestern Cities, and an additional $100,000 was allocated to bolster the Dallas County Deflection Center in Oak Cliff.

This meeting was more than just a get-together. It showed that when everyone works together, big changes can happen. By talking openly, sharing problems, and offering support, Dallas County is showing its commitment to helping people with mental health issues. This isn’t just a step forward — it’s a big leap toward making sure everyone in Dallas County gets the help they need.

List of Dallas County Mental Health Response Teams

  1. Regional CARE Team - Serving the cities of Cedar Hill, Duncanville, and DeSoto
  2. Community Resource and Crisis Assistance Program - Serving Rowlett
  3. Southeast Alliance Community Care Team - Serving Balch Springs, Mesquite, Seagoville, Sunnyvale
  4. Biotel - Serving various cities within Dallas County
  5. Garland Behavioral Health & Resources Unit - Serving Garland
  6. Grand Prairie Crisis Support Unit - Serving Grand Prairie
  7. Irving Police Department Crisis Response Unit - Serving Irving
  8. Lancaster Mobile Assessment Response Team - Serving Lancaster
  9. DART Cares - Serving Dallas County
  10. RIGHT Care - Serving the City of Dallas

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