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Medical City Las Colinas Urges Safety Precautions for First-Time Runners Ahead of Irving Marathon

As the Irving Marathon approaches on March 30, orthopedic specialists at Medical City Las Colinas urge first-time runners to prioritize safety to prevent injuries and ensure an enjoyable race day experience. Marathon training can be rigorous, but with the right precautions, runners can minimize the risk of orthopedic issues and maximize their performance.

Experts at Medical City Las Colinas offer the following tips to help first-time marathon runners stay safe and reduce injuries:

  • Gradual training: Gradually increasing mileage and intensity allow the body to adapt to the demands of long-distance running.
  • Rest: A structured training plan that includes rest days helps prevent overuse injuries.
  • Proper footwear: Invest in running shoes that provide adequate support and cushioning.
  • Cross-train: Incorporating activities such as swimming, cycling or strength training helps build overall fitness and prevents overuse injuries.
  • Heed the pain: Ignoring minor aches and pains can lead to more serious injuries. Persistent pain may require a reduction in training time or guidance from a sports medicine professional.
  • Proper nutrition and hydration: A balanced diet rich in carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats helps support training and recovery. Staying hydrated before, during and after runs helps to maintain optimal performance.

Medical City Las Colinas is proud to be the 2024 Race and Recovery sponsor for the Irving Marathon.

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