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American Airlines Partners with Fiji Airways for AAdvantage Travel Rewards Integration

American Airlines has announced a significant partnership with Fiji Airways, welcoming Fiji's national carrier into its prestigious AAdvantage® travel rewards program starting in the upcoming year. This collaboration will enable AAdvantage® members to access a range of benefits when flying with Fiji Airways or American Airlines, including priority services like check-in and boarding, complimentary baggage allowance, preferred seating options, and enhanced opportunities for redeeming travel awards.

“We are taking our partnership with Fiji Airways one step further by offering our mutual customers the opportunity to unlock more destinations and travel experiences through the AAdvantage® program,” said Anmol Bhargava, American’s Vice President of Partnerships. “We look forward to welcoming Fiji Airways customers into the AAdvantage® program so they can experience all the ways we deliver on our commitment that travel is better as an AAdvantage® member.”

Andre Viljoen, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Fiji Airways, underscored the significance of this loyalty partnership, noting the benefits it brings to millions of travelers served by both airlines. He also highlighted Fiji Airways' upcoming full membership in the oneworld alliance by 2025, enhancing global connectivity and travel options for passengers.

With Fiji Airways currently serving 26 destinations across 15 countries and territories in the South Pacific, this collaboration is expected to boost tourism to Fiji.

“This loyalty partnership marks a significant milestone, bringing together two renowned carriers to offer new benefits to millions of travelers,” said Viljoen. “The allure of Fiji's pristine beaches, vibrant culture and warm hospitality is expected to attract a growing number of American tourists, contributing to the nation’s thriving tourism industry.”

This partnership marks a milestone in enhancing travel rewards and options for frequent flyers, aligning with AAdvantage®'s longstanding reputation as the world's oldest travel loyalty program, initially launched in 1981.

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