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Irving considers loosening its restrictions on alcohol


Irving, Texas. September 6, 2012

Irving officials are considering softening a divisive ordinance that many blame for keeping some restaurants out of the city.

The City Council on Thursday directed its planning and zoning commission to look at loosening the ordinance that prevents restaurants from making more than 40 percent of revenue from alcohol sales.

Council members discussed raising the cap to 50 percent. Owners of existing Irving restaurants would welcome such a change. So, too, would business and tourism officials who say the current cap keeps away the kinds of restaurants residents, office workers and visitors want. That’s what drove the restaurant association, Irving’s chamber of commerce and its convention and visitors bureau to support going even further than 50-50. They want to see the city allow restaurants up to make up to 60 percent of their profits from alcohol.

“We’ll continue to push, but 50-50 is a good start as long as we are all open to continue discussion as more development opportunities may cause the need to change it further,” said Chris Wallace, president and CEO of the Greater Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce.

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