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I-30 Ranked 4th in US Deadliest Interstates


Irving, Texas. October 10, 2017

The personal injury lawyers at Tate Law Office PC in Dallas, have recently created and released a resource that discusses the dangers of driving on I-30. According to extensive research, 1.03 deaths per mile (on average) on I-30. The resource highlights the recommendations for improvements by The Texas Traffic Safety Task Force.

I-30 is ranked as 4th among the 10 deadliest interstates in the U.S. and one of the most dangerous roads in Texas. In one year alone (between 2015 and 2016) there was a 54 percent increase in traffic deaths. By 2023, it’s predicted that traffic deaths on I-30 will increase to 4,800.

Each day, thousands of Irving residents drive I-30 and put their lives at risk. As drivers and residents of Irving, it’s important to stay informed about possible changes in improving I-30 as well as learning how to stay safer while driving on the dangerous highway.

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