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TPC Four Seasons Hires Female Head Golf Pro


Irving, Texas. July 10, 2018

The TPC Four Seasons recently announced Michaelyn Bradford as the new head golf pro at the club.

The Austin native won a state championship in high school and competed for a national championship at Baylor, where she played golf on a full-ride scholarship.

After college and brief stint at TPC at Craig Ranch, Bradford spent more than a decade at TPC Southwind in Memphis as an assistant pro and head pro, before joining TPC Four Seasons in the spring.

TPC stands for Tournament Players Club - a group of courses operated by the PGA Tour.

Of the 34 TPC courses, Bradford is the only female head pro.

"I was very delighted we have a gal in town," Margie Hogan admits. "I thought Michaelyn could help me with my golf game because I'm a woman, and she's a woman, and maybe women see different things that maybe male instructors do not."

Historically, golf has been a male-dominated sport, and there are some men who are not willing to take lessons from a woman.

"That's fine," Bradford says. "The thing that makes me successful with giving lessons is putting things into layman's terms. I try not to get too specific or mechanical with it, so it makes it a lot easier to learn the game."

"I feel so comfortable with all my girlfriends, I feel like Michaelyn is one of my girlfriends now," Hogan says with a smile. "I think there are many many more women playing nowadays than when I was younger."

"Having more people play the game is what it's all about," Bradford notes.

And, they'll be in good hands with Michaelyn Bradford.

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