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The Studios at Las Colinas Lands ABC Television Series


The Studios at Las Colinas

Irving, Texas. August 26, 2009 – Justin Muller, Managing Director of The Studios at Las Colinas, announced today that the Studios will be the home for a new ABC television series entitled, "The Deep End". Produced by 20th Century Fox, thirteen episodes are scheduled to film at the soundstages with David Hemingson, co-executive producer of "How I Met Your Mother", continuing in the same capacity with "The Deep End".

"Having a major television network like ABC base a series at the Studios is a testament to the integral role we serve in the infrastructure of crews, talent, locations and support services already in place in North Texas", said Muller. "The Deep End" is the second network series to shoot at the Studios following "Prison Break".

The connecting link is Producer Garry Brown, who has long supported the local production industry by bringing network shows to North Texas. Brown has also been an instrumental voice in lobbying the Texas legislature for increased incentives for the television and film industries.

"We are pleased to add ABC and 20th Century Fox to our list of prestigious productions that have included: "Silkwood", "JFK", "Problem Child" and "RoboCop", said Jennifer Loeb King, Marketing Executive and former Vice President of the Studios. "This is a significant accomplishment given the fact that the show's setting is a Los Angeles law firm". "It reinforces our reputation of serving not only our local industry but those of the East and West coast as well," added Loeb King.

Muller went on to say, "We have been successful at strategically positioning The Studios at Las Colinas to compete with other states such as New Mexico and Louisiana who attracted many projects prior to Texas adding additional funding to its incentives programs".

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