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No Motorized Vehicles Allowed in Irving Parks and Trails

Irving’s parks and trails provide residents and visitors plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and stay active. To help ensure everyone has a pleasant experience, Irving Parks and Recreation reminds residents that motorized vehicles are not allowed in parks and trails. This includes ATVs, RTVs, and motorized bikes/scooters. Also, skateboards are only allowed at Lively Skate Park, 909 N. O'Connor Road.

Anyone found violating the above-mentioned rules may face a fine of up to $500.

When it comes to using the trails and other paved paths, remember to be kind, and share space. Also, please keep in mind of the following:

  • Walkers always have the right-of-way.
  • Exercise caution at all times. Go slow.
  • Keep to the right; pass on the left. Announce "Passing on left" to other patrons.
  • No more than two persons side-by-side.
  • Step off the trail to stop.
  • Always listen for approaching traffic.
  • At dark, remember to wear reflective clothing and lights.
  • Keep pets on a short leash.
  • Walk pets on the outside of the trail.
  • Remove pet waste.

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