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UD Alumni Break Participation Record, Unlocking $200,000 Challenge Gift

As of today, over 1,900 University of Dallas alumni have banded together in the Forging Our Future challenge, unlocking a $200,000 challenge gift from an anonymous alumni couple.

The goal of UD’s Forging Our Future initiative is to gain the support of at least 25% of Constantin College alumni by 2025. An anonymous alumni couple pledged a gift of $200,000 if at least 1,900 alumni gave to UD by the end of May.

Today, the Forging Our Future challenge reached 1,924 alumni supporters, unlocking the grant and yielding immeasurable dividends to the UD community as a result.

“It is difficult to overstate the benefits of this accomplishment and what it says about our magnanimous alumni,” said UD President Jonathan J. Sanford, Ph.D.

“Growing UD’s alumni participation rate opens new possibilities in the budget for scholarships, helping us to attract excellent students and to provide much needed support to existing students. Achieving this goal also improves the university’s prospects for receiving grants that support faculty research. Most of all, this accomplishment sends a powerful message about the value that alumni place on a UD education. Each alumnus or alumna philanthropic gift manifests a love for what was received from UD, and a desire to see others share in those same fruits.”

With just a few days left this month, the Class of 1965 has the highest participation rate of any UD graduating class since 1960 with 37.9% of alumni participating with a gift during the current year. The Classes of 1960, 2009 and 1967 are close behind with participation rates of approximately 36.4%, 33.1% and 32.4%, respectively.

Vice President for Development and University Relations Kris Muñoz Vetter celebrated the alumni champions who have led the way, expressing optimism about reaching 2,000 donors by May 31 and eventually meeting the final Forging Our Future goal.

“I want to thank the generous alumni benefactors who challenged us to greatness in this inaugural year of the Forging our Future alumni participation campaign. I also want to thank all those alumni who participated this year for their support as well as all the volunteers, both official and unofficial, who helped achieve this momentous challenge,” Muñoz Vetter said.

“It’s inspiring to see the entire UD community pull together this way to help the university shape the lives of our students. I believe wholeheartedly that the university’s best days are before us, and I have tremendous admiration for the alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends who are helping build a strong future for UD.”

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