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Things to Do in Irving Texas

Texas is a state that has more than its fair share of fun things to do, and there is no doubt that a trip to Irving is no exception. While there is so much that could fill a long blog post, this one will break down just a few of the main options that you have available in a range of different categories – hopefully covering something for everyone. 

See the mustangs of Las Colinas 

If there is one sight that people would typically associate most with Irving, Texas, it is the bronze Mustangs that were first unveiled in 1984. These form part of a tribute to the wild mustangs that were often typically seen roaming around this region. In fact, these were made by an African wildlife artist and poured in England. If you would like to learn even more about the Mustangs and their own part in the history of Irving, you could always pay a trip to the Mustang Museum, which will tell you a great deal more.

Visit a surrounding casino 

While not in the Irving city area itself, there are several casinos that are a relatively short drive north of Irving, such as WinStar World Casino and Resort and Choctaw Casino Resort. While it is not quite like being in Las Vegas, these are some special resorts with all the trimmings and plenty to be enjoyed. You can warm up before you visit the US with some online blackjack, and you will be fully ready for when you hit the casino floors. Spin Casino is a good option as it has hundreds of games with high audio and visual quality; they even have some computer-generated hosts to interact with – good enough to feel like you’re in a casino.

Take a stroll on the Mandalay canals 

Right in the heart of the city are a series of canals that took their inspiration from the famous ones in Venice. These European style waterways make an excellent place to go and enjoy a stroll, which is not always a popular pastime in a state that is so huge and so fond of the automobile. If you would like an even more Italian experience, you could always take a gondola ride along the canals. If you would like to be in even more control, paddleboarding is another fantastic option to take advantage of! 

Visit the heritage district 

If you would like to pay a visit to the oldest part of town, the heritage district is the place to go. You will find plenty of history around every corner, and you can also see one of the oldest homes in the area. The heritage house was built back in 1912 and has been restored and furnished with antiques that allow it to look and feel as it once was. 

These are just a few of the main sights that you can enjoy on a trip to Irving, Texas. Ultimately, they all have their own fantastic part to play in the fabric of the city, so you should make the most of each and every one of them if you have the opportunity. They also represent something for everyone from thrills and entertainment to history and peaceful strolls in a city that is often overshadowed by its bigger neighbors. 

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