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71-year-old Irving Restaurant Owner Triumphs with GED Thanks to Adult Education Program at Irving ISD

Ramiro Sanchez

Age proved to be no obstacle for local restaurant owner Ramiro Sanchez, who, at the age of 71, recently achieved a significant milestone by obtaining his GED. Sanchez credited his accomplishment to the support and resources provided by Irving ISD's Adult Education and Literacy classes.

Expressing the importance of the program, Sanchez stated, "Irving ISD's Adult Education program was very important to me because I didn't have any other opportunity, and I always had the goal of graduating." Despite a long-standing ambition, work commitments had hindered his ability to pursue education.

Sanchez discovered the program through social media, particularly Facebook, where he found a variety of options, including online and in-person classes. Reflecting on his journey, he acknowledged the significance of personal effort, dedication, and hard work in achieving his educational goal.

"Here I am now, thank God," Sanchez said, emphasizing that his accomplishment serves as inspiration for others. "Everyone I have talked to and see that at my age I was able to graduate, they realize that they can too, and that is the message I want to spread—that it is possible!"

Remarkably, Sanchez's commitment to education has influenced his employees positively. One of his team members has joined the program, showcasing determination and happiness in her pursuit of graduation. Sanchez expressed satisfaction in motivating others through his actions.

"It is very gratifying to be able to motivate someone, that even without telling them 'do this,' that they see you doing it, and that as a result, they want to do it too," Sanchez noted. "And it doesn't stop here; I still have plans to continue studying. I want to go to North Lake College to see what possibilities there are to continue my education."

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