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Fort Worth, Texas News

Tarrant County College's Economic Impact Surpasses $2.1 Billion Annually

Tarrant County College (TCC), a cornerstone of higher education in the region, has been recognized for its substantial impact on the local community, according to a recent economic impact study. Established in 1965 as Tarrant County Junior College District, the institution evolved into Tarrant County College District in 1999 to reflect its comprehensive educational offerings.

The study underscores TCC's significant contribution to the county's economy, revealing an annual added income of $2.1 billion, equivalent to 1.4% of the county's gross regional product. This impact supports 26,222 jobs, with TCC alumni contributing $1.7 billion, current students adding $93 million, and the college itself injecting $267 million through operational spending.

TCC Southeast, situated in Arlington and inaugurated in 1996, serves over 10,000 students and operates four early college high schools, including Arlington Collegiate High School.

The economic benefits of TCC extend beyond direct monetary contributions. An analysis of investments demonstrates a remarkable 30% annual return rate for students earning associate degrees, surpassing the stock market's average return rate. This translates to an additional $9,200 in annual earnings compared to those with only a high school diploma. Taxpayers benefit as well, with $1.30 in added tax revenue for every dollar invested in TCC, and society gaining $11.00 in added income and social savings for each dollar invested.

Elva LeBlanc, TCC Chancellor, emphasized the immeasurable impact on individual students, stating, "The impact of Tarrant County College is considerable, but perhaps the most important impact can't be measured in dollars and cents, but in how it affects each student."

TCC's influence reaches every corner of the county, with approximately 1 in 25 residents taking a course at TCC each year, and 1 in 54 jobs in the county being supported by the college and its students. The cumulative economic impact is comparable to hosting the MLB World Series over 250 times.

Steve Montgomery, President and CEO of the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, acknowledged the college's role in bolstering the labor force and the economy. TCC's commitment to community connections, economic stimulation, and the promotion of higher education highlights its enduring significance as a reliable partner and guardian of community trust.

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