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Dallas, Texas News

Dallas Man Sentenced to 9 Years in Prison for Assaulting Pregnant Woman

In a recent legal case, Joshua James has been found guilty in the State vs. Joshua James trial for the assault of a pregnant woman.

The prosecution team, led by Megan Reed with Mackensie Pfleger as the second chair and Crystal Gregan as the DA investigator, presented evidence that the defendant chased the victim out of a motel room, pulled her down from behind, and proceeded to punch and strangle her on the stairs.

As the victim attempted to escape, the assault continued, with the defendant strangling her to unconsciousness against a fence and ultimately throwing her to the ground. Although the victim did not testify during the trial, the entire offense was captured on surveillance video.

Following the proceedings, Joshua James has been pronounced guilty and has been sentenced to nine years in prison. The investigation was conducted by the Dallas Police Department.

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