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Mansfield, Texas News

Mansfield Police Officer's Quick Response Saves Choking Motorist on Interstate 20

In a display of quick thinking and life-saving actions, Mansfield Police Officer Chad Stevens came to the rescue of a choking victim on Interstate Highway 20 on Saturday, January 13, 2024. Officer Stevens, while traveling eastbound near Anglin Road, noticed a white vehicle with hazard lights on, suggesting an emergency.

Reacting promptly, Officer Stevens activated his emergency lights and pulled behind the distressed vehicle. As he put his vehicle into park, he observed Samantha, the driver, exiting her car in visible distress, clutching her neck and coughing as if she were choking. Without hesitation, Officer Stevens performed the Heimlich Maneuver, successfully dislodging a piece of gum that had caused the obstruction.

Samantha explained that another vehicle had entered her lane, prompting her to inhale quickly and choke on the gum. Struggling to breathe for several minutes, she was relieved to find Officer Stevens nearby and able to provide immediate assistance.

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