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55 Irving ISD Students Qualify for SkillsUSA State Competition

Students from Irving ISD’s Singley Academy, MacArthur High School, Irving High School, and Ratteree Career Development Center showcased their skills at the SkillsUSA district competition held in Waco earlier this month.

SkillsUSA, a career and technical education student organization, focuses on preparing students for various careers such as arts/video, graphic design, computers, culinary arts, law, STEM, and health science. Participants in the district competition demonstrated their knowledge and skills through presentations, testing, and project creation.

A total of 55 students qualified to compete at the SkillsUSA state competition in Corpus Christi in April.

Irving High School had several students who excelled in various categories, including Esports, Digital Cinema Production, Extemporaneous Speaking, Graphic Communication, and Arts/AV-Career Pathway Show.

MacArthur High School students also performed admirably, with achievements in Principles of Engineering, Applied Engineering, Engineering Design & Technology, Cabinetry, National Electric Code, Air Conditioning, and Interactive Application & Game.

Ratteree Career Development Center participants showcased their talents in Collision Repair Technology, Paint Refinishing Technology, Quiz Bowl, Salon, Nail Art, and 3D Nail Art.

Singley Academy students demonstrated their prowess in Technical Drafting, Additive Manufacturing, Mobile Robotics, Electronic Technology, Felony Traffic Stop, and Building Search.

ere is the list of students who qualified to compete at the SkillsUSA state competition:

Irving High School:

  • Ashmaan Dharani - Esports (Gold)
  • Aayan Dharani - Esports (Gold)
  • Josue Isaias Guzman - Esports (Gold)
  • Ashlee Henderson - Digital Cinema Production (Silver)
  • Ashley Duarte - Digital Cinema Production (Silver)
  • Juan Carlos Rodriguez - Extemporaneous Speaking (Bronze)
  • Samuel Antonio Melendez - Graphic Communication (Bronze)
  • Adria Marie Vian Villanueva - Graphic Communication (4th)
  • Brandon Rashad Weaver - Arts/AV-Career Pathway Show (Gold)
  • Fernanda Gamez-Morales - Arts/AV-Career Pathway Show (Gold)
  • Juan Carlos Rodriguez - Arts/AV-Career Pathway Show (Gold)

MacArthur High School:

  • Zainab Alsalami - Principles of Engineering (Gold)
  • Johann Martinez - Applied Engineering (Gold)
  • Isaiah Webster - Applied Engineering (Gold)
  • Ana Santa Cruz - Applied Engineering (Gold)
  • Andres Zelaya - Applied Engineering (Gold)
  • Grace Marquez - Engineering Design & Technology (Bronze)
  • Mary Marquez - Engineering Design & Technology (Bronze)
  • Chandani Reitmeyer - Engineering Design & Technology (Bronze)
  • Miguel Angel Aguilar - Cabinetry (Gold)
  • Jude Byerly - National Electric Code (Silver)
  • Gerson Ramirez - National Electric Code (Gold)
  • Ignacio Almanza - Air Conditioning (Gold)
  • Elijah Narbaez - Air Conditioning (Silver)
  • Afaf Maliha - Interactive Application & Game (Gold)
  • Saurav Kandel - Interactive Application & Game (Gold)

Ratteree Career Development Center:

  • Justin Robert McLean - Collision Repair Technology (Gold)
  • Izak Leo Perez - Collision Repair Technology (Silver)
  • Arthur Camarillo - Collision Repair Technology (Bronze)
  • Jorge Pallares Garcia - Paint Refinishing Technology (Bronze)
  • Lizeth Chavez - Quiz Bowl (Silver)
  • Kytalin Banda - Quiz Bowl (Silver)
  • Annelisse Burgess - Quiz Bowl (Silver)
  • Wendy Reyes - Quiz Bowl (Silver)
  • Victoria Pena - Quiz Bowl (Silver)
  • Valeria Garcia - Quiz Bowl (Silver)
  • Teresa Paredes - Quiz Bowl (Silver)
  • Carmen Cabrera - Salon (Blue)
  • Vanessa Fuentez - Salon (Blue)
  • Carmen Cabrera - Nail Art (Blue)
  • Nathalie Villatoro - Nail Art (Blue)
  • Lizeth Chavez - 3D Nail Art (Blue)

Singley Academy:

  • Adan Cruz - Technical Drafting (Silver)
  • Gabriel Esqueda - Additive Manufacturing (Silver)
  • Reily Lobb-Bridges - Additive Manufacturing (Silver)
  • Matthew Fernandez Bertoldo - Mobile Robotics (Gold)
  • Brad Rodriguez - Mobile Robotics (Gold)
  • Adrianna Moore - Electronic Technology (Silver)
  • Marcelo Segovia - Electronic Technology (Gold)
  • Lane Black - Felony Traffic Stop (Gold)
  • LaQuintance King - Felony Traffic Stop (Gold)
  • Alayna Sittig - Building Search (Gold)
  • Evelyn Ramos - Building Search (Gold)
  • Jaxiel Colon Pellot - Building Search (Gold)
  • Finley Pritchett - Building Search (Gold)

Congratulations and best wishes to all the students as they prepare to compete at the State level!

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