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Fort Worth, Texas News

Fort Worth City Council Approves $1 Million Contract to Combat Homelessness

On Tuesday, the Fort Worth City Council greenlit a groundbreaking contract with My Health My Resources (MHMR) of Tarrant County worth over $1 million. The initiative targets a high-impact pilot program designed to mitigate homelessness in specific areas.

Context: Rising Homelessness in Fort Worth

As the eviction moratorium concludes and federal rental assistance funds dwindle, Fort Worth grapples with a surge in homelessness. Emergency shelters operate at maximum capacity, leading to a notable rise in unsheltered homelessness. Citizen reports frequently highlight homeless encampments across the city.

What's Next: Targeted Approach to Address Homelessness

The approved pilot program aims to strategically allocate resources to alleviate issues in seven identified areas severely affected by homelessness. Data collected during this initiative will inform future decisions regarding program continuation, expansion, or conclusion.

  • Expansion and Resource Allocation: Should the program expand, new areas will be chosen based on comprehensive data analysis highlighting regions most impacted by homelessness.

  • Continuation of Existing Services: Ongoing efforts to provide housing assistance and case management citywide will persist alongside the pilot program.

Focus Areas and Referral Process

The pilot program will concentrate on seven specific areas:

  1. Camp Bowie West/Las Vegas Trail
  2. Seminary/La Gran Plaza/Hemphill
  3. Downtown
  4. Near Southside
  5. Historic Southside/Near Eastside
  6. Beach Street intersections – from E. Lancaster to N. Tarrant Parkway
  7. Northside/Stockyards

Street outreach teams, neighborhood police officers, and the City’s Homeless Outreach Program & Enforcement (HOPE) team will refer individuals—particularly those reported in an area for extended periods or suspected of severe mental illness—for housing assistance and services.

Implementation and Support Services

The pilot program will offer low-barrier housing and voluntary case management services. Rental assistance will be provided for up to 40 individuals, with options for apartment placements citywide or in master-leased apartments. Case management services will be overseen by My Health My Resources of Tarrant County.

Deeper Engagement: Housing First Approach

For individuals requiring intensive support, the Housing First Assertive Community Treatment Team will step in. This specialized team will cater to those with severe mental illness, both on the streets and in housing, who necessitate more comprehensive services to maintain stable housing.

Conclusion: A Data-Driven Approach to Combat Homelessness

Performance metrics for the pilot program include ensuring that at least 70% of individuals offered housing successfully transition within six months. Spanning 17 months from May 1, 2024, to September 30, 2025, the initiative aims to secure additional funding of $2,200,000 in FY 2025 for its remaining duration.

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