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2024 Irving Resident Survey Set to Open April 3

Beginning April 3, the 2024 Irving Resident Survey will be available online, extending an invitation to all Irving residents and community members aged 18 and above to voice their opinions. Conducted biennially, the survey offers residents a platform to evaluate the quality of life in Irving, along with assessing city services and facilities. Scheduled to conclude on May 1 at 11:59 p.m., participants can expect the survey to take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

The survey presents an opportunity for residents to highlight areas of success and areas in need of improvement. Additionally, respondents can communicate their service priorities for the upcoming two years. Functioning as a customer satisfaction report card for the city, the survey also serves as a crucial resource allocation tool for city officials. The data collected will play a pivotal role in shaping decisions related to service levels, budget allocation, and future planning initiatives.

Following the closure of the survey and thorough data analysis, the results will be shared with the Irving City Council. Moreover, the findings will be made available online for public access.

The City of Irving has forged a partnership with Elite Research, an Irving-based research firm, to facilitate the survey process.

Visit to take the survey. 

View the 2022 Resident Survey Results Dashboard

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