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Texas Landmark Joins Nationwide Effort to Illuminate in Teal for World Ovarian Cancer Day

On May 8, landmarks across the nation, including a notable Texas landmark, will light up in teal to raise awareness for ovarian cancer as part of the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition's (NOCC) World Ovarian Cancer Day initiative. This initiative aims to shine a spotlight on ovarian cancer, promote awareness, and inspire hope on this global day of recognition.

Established in 2013, May 8 serves as World Ovarian Cancer Day, a day dedicated to global solidarity in the fight against ovarian cancer. In observance of this significant day, the NOCC encourages individuals to empower themselves and others by familiarizing themselves with the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer, thereby enabling better advocacy and support.

This year, City Hall in Dallas has joined this initiative, standing in solidarity with those affected by ovarian cancer.

"World Ovarian Cancer Day serves as a beacon of hope, bringing hearts together worldwide in the fight against ovarian cancer," said Melissa Aucoin, CEO of the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition. "We express our sincere gratitude to Dallas City Hall for their steadfast commitment to illuminating ovarian cancer awareness on this meaningful day."

Individuals can participate in World Ovarian Cancer Day by downloading the NOCC digital ovarian cancer awareness toolkit and sharing their support on social media using the #ShineOnOvarian hashtag. For more information and access to resources, visit and join the fight against ovarian cancer.

About NOCC: Since 1991, the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC) has supported thousands of survivors, distributed millions of educational resources, and partnered with numerous local organizations to raise ovarian cancer awareness. As a leading national advocate, NOCC stands with patients, survivors, caregivers, and families affected by ovarian cancer, striving to save lives, enhance survivorship, and provide support. 

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