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Fort Worth's Fleet Division Unveils New Vocational Truck and Explores Hybrid EV Options

The City’s Property Management-Fleet Division will unveil a new mixer as part of its new line of fleet vocational trucks, aimed at revolutionizing City department operations. In addition, the Fleet Division is exploring Hybrid Electric Vehicle (EV) options to enhance its fleet's efficiency and sustainability.

In January, the Fleet Division participated in a showcase by Industrial Truck Power at the James Avenue Fleet service center, featuring new EV products. The division is collaborating with local vendors to study EVs of various sizes to optimize operations for efficiency, sustainability, operator comfort, and return on investment.

The division is currently developing a new mixer for the Transportation & Public Works department, marking a significant technological advancement. This mixer features a fully integrated dash display for operator analysis, automated maintenance reporting, and a body design undergoing phase one testing to support collision avoidance technology. Although the unit is not yet equipped with collision avoidance, future specifications will include this technology.

Looking ahead, in Fiscal Year 2025, the Fleet Division will hold several meetings and demonstrations with vendors to explore hybrid technology, focusing on operator safety systems, lane assistance, integrated geo-fencing, and safety control systems that monitor usage and access.

“It is important for the City to be very calculated and strategic in our approach with assets and technology that we adopt,” said Brad Hunter, assistant director of Property Management-Fleet Division. He emphasized the importance of careful budgeting, design, and implementation to ensure long-term success and efficiency for the City’s fleet operations.

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