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Benefits of Having a Bike Lane

It's a positive move for some cities to add bike lanes on their regular roads. It provides bikers with their own lanes without any other vehicle blocking the way. But, while some cities started the initiative, there's still a long way to go. Here's why we must push for more bike lanes and their benefits.

There will be fewer injuries

Bikers become victims of accidents on the road. It can even be more dangerous than crashes involving cars. Bikers have no other protection apart from their helmets. When a bike lane is available, there’s a smaller possibility that bikers crash with cars and other bigger vehicles. Even if there’s an accident involving fellow bikers, it won’t be as dangerous as other forms of collision.

There will be more space for roadway

It will be easier for vehicles to move around when there's a designated bike lane. Buses can pick up passengers from the bus stops with ease. Turning or moving to a different lane won't be a problem. In large cities, traffic is already terrible. If bike lanes help ease the problem, it will go a long way.

It will be better for pedestrians

People with disabilities and other pedestrians won't have to worry about safety while on the road. There are still many factors that affect pedestrian safety, but it helps to build a bike lane. It’s the first step to boosting road safety even more.

It’s good for the environment and people’s health

Biking is great for the environment. People use cars even when the destination is a few blocks away. Not everyone likes to walk, but biking could be an excellent alternative. It prevents the constant use of cars that emit smoke. It reduces air pollution. The problem is biking isn't very convenient. Some people are afraid of using bikes without bike lanes, especially in big cities. But with bike lanes available, it will encourage the use of bikes, and it would be excellent for achieving environmental goals.

Biking is a physical activity. It burns more calories and helps with cardiac health. In addition, when people feel motivated to bike, it helps them achieve fitness goals. For these reasons, cities have to spend money to build bike lanes. It might be costly, but it will be worth it. If it means saving lives, it's an amount well-spent.

If you experience issues while biking, you should know what to do. For instance, a biking accident entitles you to cycle claims. You will pay for medical bills and other expenses because of the accident. Hence, you must have legal experts helping you with these claims. It can be a challenging journey, but you will succeed with help.

You can talk to your local government officials if your city does not have a bike lane. Let them know these benefits and explain why it’s a worthy cause. Then, find other people who understand what you want and let them join in this endeavour.


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