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LTC Allen West Condemns Hypocrisy Between Antifa/BLM Riots and the Capitol Protest

Lt. Col. (Ret.) Allen West has always been a champion of the Constitution and the rule of law, which is why he was so incensed by the media and political elite's response to the BLM riots that ravaged cities across the country. The treatment these looters and political agitators received from the press and progressive Democratic bureaucrats in Washington is the exact opposite of what the protest last January received.

The BLM riots forced over 200 cities to enforce curfews, caused 30 states to call out their National Guard, caused around $2 billion in damages, and lead to the deaths of at least 25 individuals. The number of citizens injured and businesses left in ruin or forced into bankruptcy are numerous and still being counted. Yet while these Marxist thugs burned cities down, the Democrat establishment, current Vice-President, and the Hollywood elite bailed out these criminals so they could continue to ravage communities across the country. All the while, the liberal press was whitewashing the protesters as simple social justice activists instead of trained militant Marxists. It was "fiery but mostly peaceful" and "where does it say a protest can't be violent" were lines parroted across cable TV and left-wing outlets.

When Antifa and BLM rioters attempted to breach the White House in September of 2020, they injured over 60 officers and caused the hospitalization of 11. The press never declared this an “attack on democracy” and federal bureaucrats never launched an interstate manhunt to bring these agitators to justice.

During the January 6th protest only one person was killed and that was an unarmed Air Force veteran named Ashli Babbitt. She was shot in cold blood for a crime that had been lauded all summer by the press and left-wing talking heads. Additionally, of the 63 Texans arrested following the event, the vast majority are still in federal custody and have had their civil rights consistently violated. The difference in how BLM and J6 have been treated by both government actors and the press reveal that these institutions have major biases that all favor progressivism and globalism. As Governor of Texas, Lt. Col. West would make sure the rights of those Texans in D.C. would be ensured and that they would be brought home.

If the law is not applied justly or fairly to all people then we are not a nation of laws, we are a nation of men. As Governor, West would ensure that the rule of law is brought back to its proper place as the cornerstone of our Republic. Antifa and BLM are the true domestic terrorists who have made threats against our constitutional Republic.

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