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DFW Airport Receives $20 Million in Federal Appropriations

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) is pleased to announce that four key infrastructure projects were included in the FY22 Federal Appropriations Act that has been passed by Congress and signed by President Joe Biden. Combined, the four projects will receive $20 million ($5 million per project) in funding from the federal government. The projects will enhance the efficiency of DFW Airport, which will improve our customer experience, create over 4,000 jobs in North Texas, maintain our safe and secure environment, and will assist in DFW’s sustainability goal to achieve net-zero carbon by 2030. The projects included in the Act are: The Brute Force Electric Central Utility Plant, International Parkway Flyover Bridge Replacement and Conversation Project, Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Station Consolidation, and Snow and Ice Remove Equipment Storage Facility.

“We are grateful to the DFW Airport Congressional Delegation for advocating for our Airport, and for our customers. The projects included in this act will make a lasting impact on how DFW delivers to our customers and how we run our operations,” said Chief Executive Officer Sean Donohue. Below is a brief description of each project. 

Brute Force Electric Central Utility Plant – DFW Airport is proposing to construct a new Brute Force Electric Central Utility Plan and replace the aging steam piping distribution system with a highly efficient hot water piping system. This project will address current, and future, heating and cooling demand, improve resiliency, maximize efficiency, and will be part of DFW’s Carbon Net-Zero plan. 

International Parkway Flyover Bridge Replacement and Conversion Project – This will replace four left-hand flyover ramps with new right-hand exit bridges for Terminals A, B, C, and E. The four left-hand bridges are nearing their end of life and could become a disruption to passenger travel. The right-hand bridges will improve traffic and provide efficient means of accessing these terminals. This project is supported by the Texas Department of Transportation and the North Central Texas Council of Governments. 

Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Station Consolidation – This project will consolidate four existing Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) stations into two new larger, more resilient, and more sustainable facilities. Some of the ARFF stations are well over 50 years old and are seeing an increase in maintenance costs. The consolidation of these stations will provide industry-standard facilities for critical emergency services operations, improve concurrent response resiliency, and lowers the total response time. This project will also reduce operating and maintenance expenses by at least 25% and will reduce the long-term apparatus replacement costs. 

Snow and Ice Removal Equipment Storage Facility – This project is the first phase of the Snow and Ice Removal Equipment Facility project that will provide a storage facility for twenty-five snow and ice fleet vehicles that currently are parked outdoors exposed to the weather. 

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