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Hey Irving Neighbor: Abide By The Noise Ordinance!

The City of Irving Noise Ordinance prohibits noise that unreasonably disturbs the peace, quiet and comfort of neighbors in residential areas, including multifamily or single-family dwellings. Enforced by the Irving Police Department, factors for enforcement include noise level, duration and/or recurrence of sound, time of day and the location of noise. 

The Noise Ordinance also covers emergency and non-emergency signaling devices, radios, televisions, radios/loudspeakers, amplifiers, animals, construction, yelling, vehicle noise and more. Convicted violators of the city’s Noise Ordinance are subject to fines between $370 and $559. 

To view the Noise Ordinance in its entirety, visit and choose "Civil and Criminal". The complete Noise Ordinance is in Chapter 22. 

Report violations of this ordinance to the Irving Police Department at (972) 273-1010.

View the City of Irving Noise Ordinance

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