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Texas Trucking Accidents: Stats, Myths and Facts

Truck Accidents in Texas

Car accidents are common. Almost everyone would have at least experienced it once. When it comes to truck accidents, it is a whole different thing from a car accident. Truck accidents are much more dangerous than car accidents. The truck is ten times bigger than a car. Surviving after a truck accident is a miracle for the other driver. Most truck drivers will be safe in case of an accident since their vehicle is much more secure than the other driver.

To make money, commercial trucks violate many security laws like overweight trucks and fatigued drivers. Truck accident happens all over the U.S. According to the most recent report (2020) from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHTSA), Texas accounts for 12.8% of the total fatal truck accidents in the USA.

In 2020, a total of 4,965 people died in truck accidents. From that 4,965, Texas accounts for 643 people. 643 is the highest fatality rate in any state in the U.S. California is in second place with 398 people. There is a large gap between second and first place.

Out of the 643 people, 116 of them were truck drivers, while the remaining 527 were other drivers and non-occupants. This statistic proves that truck drivers are much safer than other drivers.

Texas A&M Transportation Institute suspects there is a reason for Texas being the constant number one in truck accidents. According to the research conducted by TTI in 2015, the truck accident numbers started increasing when oil drilling started. Texas is known for its oil wealth. Barnett Shale county encountered more accidents, during the oil drilling phase. Truck accidents in that county started decreasing after the oil drilling stopped. To conduct this research TTI took two timelines, 2006-2009 and 2010-2013, before and during the oil surge. TTI strongly believes that oil drilling is the reason for most truck accidents and truck accidents will decrease after the oil drilling is completed in a county.

Texas Truck Accident Facts

Texas Leads the U.S in fatal 18-Wheeler Accidents

FMCSA collected data about 18-wheeler accidents all around the U.S. They took the period between 2008-2018. For 10 years, Texas has always been the number one in truck accidents. In 2008 the fatality rate of Texas truck accidents was 453. In 10 years, the number of fatalities rose to 664.

Young Drivers Cause More Accidents

Young drivers tend to be more reckless than old truck drivers. Driving is a skill. Driving a truck needs more than skill it requires experience. The more experienced drivers tend to cause fewer accidents. Inexperienced truck drivers cause many fatal truck accidents.

Oil Field Has an Influence on Truck Accidents

As stated, the increase in oil rigs increased the number of truck accidents. San Antonio is one of the hubs for more than 80 oil companies. Truck accidents are prone to happen in and around the area of San Antonio. San Antonio is also an important hub for import and export so the commercial truck travel around the area is high.

Truck Drivers Have Strict Rules

More than car drivers, truck drivers have strict rules to follow. For example, a driver can continuously drive for only 11 hours that too after taking a 10-hour break. Rules like this are implemented to avoid truck accidents. Violation of rules by the driver or the company is the prime reason for truck accidents.

Myths About Texas Truck Accident

Accidents Pose Same Level Threat to Truck Drivers and Other Drivers

NO! Absolutely not. The truck drivers are in a much safer position. A fully loaded truck will weigh 40 tons. It is much larger than the average car. When a 40-ton truck collides with a car at 50 mph, of course, the truck driver is not the one that is going to be in danger. It is a fact that 72% of fatality was other drivers.

The Driver is Liable; Not the Company

Another common misconception about truck accidents is thinking the driver is liable for the accident. The driver is not overloading, speeding, and driving for more than 11 hours for himself; the truck company is making him do that. Most truck companies force the driver; to violate rules to get the cargo quicker. That is the primary reason for accidents. If you were in a truck accident, it is best to approach the law firm. The experts can assist you. For example, if you were involved in a truck accident in San Antonio, it is best to approach the 18-wheeler accident lawyer in San Antonio. If you have a claim, a lawyer can recognize your situation and guide you in the correct direction.

Insurance Company Offer will be Fair

An insurance company makes a profit by holding their client's money as long as possible. It is beneficial for them to offer a lower pay out. The insurance company will try to lowball the defendant. By accepting the insurance company's offers, you might lose a lot. The best approach might be filing a personal injury case. Consulting with a proper truck accident attorney can result in the best outcome possible.

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