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6 Challenges a DUI Convict Will Face in the Future

If you have been charged with DUI, it can be a challenging time for you. You may be sentenced to jail time and a hefty fine, which won't go away soon.

But with the right lawyer in your corner, you will make it through these trying times just fine. Picking out the best lawyer is difficult because they're expensive to hire and difficult to find. To help narrow down your list of potential lawyers, consider these six challenges a DUI convict will face in the future.

1. Permanent criminal record, including your mug, shot photo, and fingerprints

Once a judge finds you guilty, your mug shot photo and fingerprints are placed on a federal database. The FBI has kept records on those convicted of driving under the influence for over 40 years. So rest assured, there will be plenty of evidence available to remember you.

If you're convicted of a DUI repeat offense in the future, your status is updated with this information and will be put into the federal database.

2. Restricted travel opportunities and the ineligibility to apply for a visa to many countries

Driver's licenses are made for those who respect and follow the law. Those with a DUI conviction on their record won't be able to travel freely in foreign countries as visa regulations will restrict their entry. They will also have trouble obtaining advanced and professional driver's licenses, which require clean record proof.

3. The requirement to pay a high vehicle insurance rate for a long time

Insurance companies will treat you harshly for your offenses, as opposed to someone who is not a repeat offender and has never been convicted of DUI or other driving offense before. Insurance rates will be high for you for a long time, maybe even your lifetime!

4. Alcohol abuse treatment programs or courses often come with a hefty fee and are not covered by health insurance

In some states, first-time offenders must attend a treatment course as a part of their sentencing. Many people don't realize that these courses can cost up to $10,000 each and are not covered by health insurance.

5. You may want to settle in one state but cannot because you have a DUI charge on your record

Many states do not allow those with DUI convictions on their record to become residents or citizens after settling. This is due to the severity of DUI crimes and the fact that they can be dangerous on the road.

6. Not being able to become a doctor, lawyer, counselor, or other professional requires a high standard of excellence in character and reputation

Since many occupations require a clean driving record, those convicted of driving under the influence won't be able to assume these positions. For example, a doctor convicted of DUI may not be allowed to serve a patient.

As you can see, many facets of life can be affected by having a DUI conviction on your record. And if you don't think this is something you want on your permanent record, consider hiring an experienced DUI lawyer to help you in filing a DUI claim.

These challenges are very real, and it's essential to do everything in your power to get them removed from your records or expunged.


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