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Texas Hold'em: How It Has Appeared & the Basic Rules of the Game

Texas Hold'em is considered the most popular type of poker, with two standard and five personal cards used to compose combinations. It is played in most world series tournaments, including the most significant and extensive World Series of Poker (WSOP). The exact date of the occurrence of this type of poker is unknown. With confidence, one can say that it appeared in the 20th century.

Texas Hold’em: History of Appearance

It is believed that the Texas Hold'em prototype was brought to the United States by French immigrants. The game quickly became popular among gold seekers during the 19th-century gold fever. However, now this game is gaining popularity worldwide and can be found in such popular online casinos as Yukon casino or other gambling platforms. The first part of the name “Texas” is given due to the spread of the game in the Wild West, and “Hold’em” is an abbreviated version of a similar type of poker, “Hold Me Darling.”

Who brought Texas Hold’em to a casino?

Three personalities played a historical role in the development of Texas Hold'em:

  • Crandell Eddington. The indigenous Texas resident earned millions of stitches in medical research and the production of drugs. He began playing poker in his youth and has participated in professional tournaments. Crandell participated in WSOP from 1970-1983.
  • Amarillo Slim. His real name is Thomas Preston. From his youth, he played excellently in billiards and made bets on sports, but poker brought him world fame. Amarillo Slim first won WSOP in 1972, winning 60 thousand dollars. Then he won the tournament three times more.
  • Doyle Branson. He is a professional poker player and the author of the Super System, which many poker players use. It is believed that Doyle was one of the first players who earned a million dollars on poker, and he won the WSOP bracelet 10 times.

Crandell, Amarillo, and Doyle were friends and were the first to bring the Texas Hold'em to Las Vegas. At first, it was available in Golden Nugget Casino, and the first tournament was held in the same year - the Gambling Fraternity Convention, which soon grew into the World Series of Poker. In 1971, Texas Hold'em was chosen as its main game.

One of the reasons for the popularity of this type of poker is simple rules, so it was originally common among the poor population. In Texas Hold'em, the rules of the game are the following:

  • There is a fixed bank, or players make contributions;
  • Two poker gamblers behind the dealer make bets blindly (Blind);
  • Two closed cards are distributed to participants, and the first round of bidding is underway;
  • The fourth card is dealt, and the third round is on;
  • The fifth card is dealt, and the last round of bidding begins.

Thanks to standard maps, players have more chances to make a combination. Therefore, Texas Hold'em is popular among beginners and professional poker players.

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