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Irving Offers Seasonal Leaf Collection

To help Irving residents manage the seasonal leaf fall, Irving Solid Waste Services will collect bagged leaves and grass clippings at the curb on regular collection days. Leaf and grass bag pickup is unlimited and does not count towards the 15 trash bag limit. Residents also can drop off unbagged leaves and grass clippings at the Hunter Ferrell Landfill, 110 E. Hunter Ferrell Road at no charge. Unbagged leaves and grass clippings will be mulched as part of the city’s mulch program.

As an alternative, leaving fallen leaves in the yard helps provide nutrients and a habitat for wildlife. Leaves can be composted, chopped up on the lawn (as a natural mulch that fertilizes soil as they break down) or raked off the lawn to mulch garden beds.

Irving’s Think Green…Be Green leaf management webpage has additional tips on how lawn and landscape waste can benefit Irving yards all year long:

Learn more about mulching leaves

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