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Why You Should Get an MSN-FNP Degree

The demand for nurse practitioners, especially Family Nurse Practitioners (FNPs), is continually on the rise. FNPs are essential for patient care in medical facilities as they can provide similar services to a Nurse Practitioner (NP).

A nurse practitioner is also similar to a general physician in many ways when it comes to practice. To become an FNP, you will require a Master of Science In Nursing (MSN) degree. Even though the online MSN FNP nursing program open to Texas residents makes the degree obtainable from the comfort of your home, the real question is whether it's worth choosing. This guide will look at why getting an MSN-FNP is a great idea.

What Is MSN-FNP?

MSN-FNP is an FNP, with an MSN degree in Advanced Practice Registered Nursing (APRN). Degree holders are health care providers that cater to families and individuals with different conditions regardless of age, gender, demographics, and disease.

MSN-FNPs can work at hospitals, private clinics, medical centers, school clinics, home healthcare departments, and community care centers. They can also teach and be part of the administration and policy-generating posts.

What Are the Responsibilities of a Family Nurse Practitioner?

  • Create treatment plans
  • Provide care and treatment for acute and chronic illnesses
  • Treat injuries and severe conditions
  • Maintain patient records
  • Perform physical exams
  • Order, perform and evaluate diagnostic tests
  • Prescribe medication or therapy
  • Make referrals to specialists

Top 5 Reasons to Get an MSN-FNP


As an FNP, you get to be the main care provider for incoming patients. You can have plenty of autonomy along with a leadership role. Even though registered nurses have significant authority, FNPs can diagnose conditions independently. They are responsible for patient outcomes and do not need a physician to supervise them.

If you wish to work independently on your own schedule, then opting for MSN-FNP is the way to go. This way, you can decide whether you want to work a day shift, a night shift, or both. You can also work alone in a clinic and keep all the profits.

Demand and Specialization

If you are not as interested in family practice, then you will be glad to know that as an FNP, you can specialize in what you prefer instead. This means you can also move towards pediatrics, geriatrics, or internal medicine.

Even if you do not wish to specialize, the biggest motivation to become an FNP is the amazing payout. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated that NP jobs will grow by 36% by 2026. This means a whopping 56,100 new jobs will appear in around four years. Having an MSN-FNP degree opens up new career opportunities in the specialty of your choice with a great salary.

Earn While You Learn

Due to the advancement of the digital era, online education has become much simpler and more engaging. Even an MSN-FNP degree can be obtained online, via a school, or through a hybrid setting.

Working while completing your studies is possible if you can truly commit to it. You could work full-time in a clinic or medical center with a decent payout while completing the program through a renowned online course provider. The best part is that you don't have to worry about managing or shuffling through day or night shifts; you can learn at your own pace and time.

Expand Practice and Management

An MSN-FNP makes an individual truly versatile. You will be able to work in various healthcare facilities and settings, including hospitals, clinics, and even public health departments. Not only this, as a degree holder, it is also possible to work at schools, and colleges, as a private physician, or at an NP office as the chief nurse.

With better job roles, there is an added responsibility of giving accurate orders. As an FNP, you may have to make important decisions and give instructions to those working under you. If you enjoy management and administration, an FNP degree will be beneficial in this regard. Along with strong management and administrative skills, you will also develop the knowledge and use of tools required to be in a lead role.

Scale Your Earnings

Obtaining an MSN-FNP is a superb way to boost your career in nursing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the average yearly salary of a nurse practitioner was $107,000 in 2018. This is only expected to rise in the upcoming years based on state.

Earning a hefty income is not the only good part of obtaining an FNP degree; you can improve your practice and care with the added knowledge you gain. You will be able to cater to patients better by diagnosing symptoms faster, treating a wide range of conditions, and enlightening them regarding well-being and good health. As a nurse, you will be able to promote public health by educating patients regarding malnutrition, general health, and the prevention of widespread diseases.


Healthcare is a demanding profession, but at the end of your workday, you can go home feeling accomplished about having helped patients. Getting an FNP degree can be the right choice if you love caring for others. As an FNP, you will be able to provide top-quality care to patients and assist them with various medical problems.

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