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Irving Police Investigate Suspected Crime involving Apple Tracking Device

 The Apple AirTag has been a popular tool recently, due to it's ability to track missing personal belongings. However, recently they have also been used possibly maliciously in suspected crimes. Last weekend, an Irving woman was being tracked, by an unknown person or group of people. 

The woman says she was going about her daily activities, until she recieved a strange message on her phone in the car. The alert message said an AirTag was moving with her. She made the smart decision to immediately drive to the nearest Irving Police Department. Police found an AirTag attached with tape beneath her car. 

If you ever recieve an alert similar to that of the Irving woman, police say: "Don't ignore that alert, get to a location that's safe, and contact your local Police Department".

Some use the AirTag to track loved ones with Demetia or other disabilities, but with the good, always comes the bad. Be wary.



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