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How to Return Total Control Over Your Fortinet Network with MFA?

What could happen when businesses lose control over their Fortinet Network?

Fortinet Network is one of the effective cybersecurity software used by businesses. Fortinet Network is activated through an account, and it provides numerous services to users - such as a virtual private network (VPN) that allows employees to surf the web with a private identity. Additionally, it provides its users with other cyber-security solutions ensuring corporations that they will not get hacked or cyber-attacked. 

However, Fortinet Network accounts are only protected with a single username and password, which has become easier to access by third parties and leak confidential data to the public. 

By losing control over a Fortinet Network, businesses will easily lose their reputation in their market and lose the trust of their partners and customers, eventually causing a corporation to shut down due to a loss in profits. 

What Is a Multi factor Authentication? Benefits of using an MFA account

Nevertheless, there is a way to take matters into one’s hands and avoid the above-mentioned situation. A multi factor authentication provides the solution by adding an extra layer of security to a Fortinet Network account. A multi factor authentication allows users to insert as many layers of protection as they prefer on their accounts to prevent third parties from getting access. In other words, when Fortinet MFA is connected, every time employees try to sign into their accounts, they need to verify their identities by a method that they will choose during the setting up process. 

There are many benefits to using an MFA account, and most of the benefits will be noticed by corporations in the long run. As mentioned before, multi factor authentication helps companies keep control - or bring the control back into their hands. 

Additionally, MFA applications are helpful for businesses that operate on a remote basis. Remote work requires people to upload everything in a cloud space and operate using online platforms. Even though this method has increased the productivity of employees, it has increased the chances of getting cyber-attacks. Thus, MFA applications allow corporations to allow their employees to work remotely, without the fear of getting hacked.

Steps to easily connect an MFA application to a Fortinet Network

To set up an MFA application to a Fortinet Network, here are 4 easy steps to follow and ensure that the application is correctly set up:

1- Dedicate time to find the most reliable MFA application

One of the most tiring steps is the first one - finding the best and most reliable MFA application available. As the number of organizations using MFA applications has started to increase, numerous scam applications have started to emerge to take advantage of the situation. These accounts take all company information and afterward, hack the accounts much easier. 

So, to ensure that you are installing a reliable and trusted application, try reading online reviews and looking at reviews by previous users.

2- Create an admin account with a strong password

After installing the right and best application, create an admin account and protect it with a strong password. Some applications might require users to send an application for th admin account; these applications can be considered more reliable compared to those that allow users to create the admin account without any verification on their part.

On the other hand, ensure that the admin account falls in the hands of the right managers and trusted employees. Admin accounts are the domain to which all other accounts will be connected, and it will have control to provide access to those accounts. 

3- Connect all-important business accounts to the admin account

In this step, companies will have to connect all the accounts they wish to increase protection to the admin account. By connecting them to the admin account, users will be able to use the MFA application and add extra protection.

 4- Choose the preferred authentication method 

After setting up their accounts, employees will need to choose the authentication method they prefer to use when they log into their accounts. Many methods are offered by MFA applications, however, using push notifications sent to a mobile device is the most effective. 


To sum up, having control over company accounts is essential for businesses, and since a username and a password are not enough to keep hackers from accessing company files, an MFA application should be installed to add extra layers of security.

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