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Weapons Threats Received at Multiple Plano Schools

As of Monday, May 8, 2023, the Plano Police Department (PPD) has received several weapons-threat reports that affect several Plano Independent School District campuses. As the safety of the community is our primary concern, we take these types of threats very seriously and begin immediate investigations. Following is an overall summary of the incidents as well as information about each incident and the actions taken as a result of our investigations.

Overall Summary

After receiving several weapons-threat reports at several PISD school campuses, Plano Police School Resource Officers (SRO), in partnership with Plano Independent School District Security personnel, acted swiftly to determine that:

  1. No guns were found in any of these schools.
  2. A former student named in one of the reports recently moved to another state.
  3. During a non-related incident, a facsimile gun accidentally fell out of a student’s backpack.

Following are the details of the reported incidents at each of these school campuses:

Clark High School (523 West Spring Creek Parkway) - Incident 23-89607

On May 8, 2023, a social media post was discovered advising that a shooting would occur at Clark High School tomorrow (May 9, 2023). The Plano Police SRO assigned to Clark HS, with the assistance of the Dallas Fusion Center, investigated the threat. During the investigation, a former Clark High School student was identified as the suspect in this incident. However, the student had recently transferred out of state and was in attendance at their new school today. As a precautionary measure, the student's parents were interviewed, and the student will continue to be monitored for the foreseeable future due to possible pending charges in relation to this incident. In the interest of safety, there will be an increased police presence at Clark High School this week.

Hendrick Middle School (7400 Red River Drive) - Incident 23-89735

On May 8, 2023, a student informed the Hendrick MS SRO about a social media post warning that a shooting was to take place at the school today at approximately 3:00 p.m. The suspect was identified as a current student at Hendrick MS, who had taken the Clark HS social media post mentioned above and modified it to reflect the shooting would occur at Hendrick MS instead. The suspect then sent it as a text message to a group of students. This investigation is currently ongoing and charges may be filed against the suspect in this incident.

Incident 23-89422 - Vines High School (1401 Highedge Drive)

On May 8, 2023, the Plano Police Department received a threat report from the Collin County Sheriff’s Office Tip Line advising that a Vines HS student had been making threats and was in possession of a gun. The student also shared a picture of the alleged suspect and individuals evacuating the Allen Outlets with smiley face captions. The Vines HS SRO immediately began to investigate the incident. The student who had been making the threats was located and immediately isolated from the remaining student body. As a result of the investigation, no guns were discovered and the validity of the threats could not be verified. At present, no charges have been filed.

Incident 23-89455 - Bowman Middle School (2501 Jupiter Road)

On May 8, 2023, a BB gun accidentally fell out of a student’s backpack. No threats were made, the situation was immediately resolved, and the BB gun was confiscated. This investigation is still ongoing.

"The Plano Police Department would like to thank those who shared any information about these threats through various communication channels. The information was valuable, and was taken very seriously, and we appreciate everyone's help and patience while we investigated these incidents. Again, our top priority is the safety of our community and the information we received helped us achieve this goal.", said a PPD statement.

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