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Driver Dies in Fiery Crash in Las Colinas that Knocked Out Power to the Area

The Irving Police Department continues to conduct an investigation into a fatal accident that unfolded in the Las Colinas area of Irving. The incident took place at approximately 3:30 pm on Sunday, August 20, prompting a response from the Irving Fire/EMS and Police departments to Spur 348/Northwest Highway near Las Colinas Blvd.

According to preliminary reports, the accident involved a single vehicle that was traveling westbound along the road. The driver lost control of the vehicle, leading to a collision with a guardrail, followed by an impact with a nearby power pole located just off the roadway. The force of the collision was so severe that it resulted in the snapping of the power pole, setting off a fiery blaze that quickly consumed the power lines in the vicinity.

The driver was trapped within the wreckage and died on-scene.  

The consequences of the crash extended beyond the immediate site. As a result of the power pole's destruction and the subsequent fire, a significant portion of Las Colinas was plunged into darkness as power lines were rendered inoperable. The community endured several hours of power outage until utility crews managed to restore electricity to the affected areas.


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