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El Paso, Texas News

Two El Paso Police Officers Arrested for Sexual Harassment and Oppression of Female Officers

Lt. John Surface and Sgt. Adan Chavez

The El Paso Police Department arrested two of its own supervisors, Lieutenant John Surface, 43, and Sergeant Adan Chavez, 44, following allegations of Official Oppression.

The allegations were raised by two female police officers within the department.  The Special Investigation Unit were tasked with investigating the cases.

The investigation exposed unsettling incidents involving explicit requests and coercive behavior attributed to Surface and Chavez. The El Paso Police Department has emphasized its dedication to upholding the highest standards of conduct and accountability within its ranks. It firmly places the well-being and trust of both its officers and the community at the forefront of its priorities.

This behavior not only runs contrary to the department’s core values but also undermines its efforts to cultivate a collaborative and respectful work environment. As a result, both supervisors have been relieved of their duties, and the department has affirmed its unwavering commitment to addressing instances of misconduct internally.

The El Paso Police Department is resolute in its pursuit of a safe and respectful working environment for all officers, where professionalism and integrity are upheld without compromise. It intends to proceed with appropriate legal actions to ensure accountability for those involved in the alleged misconduct. The department firmly believes that accountability is essential to maintaining public trust and delivering the highest level of service to the community.

Offender 1: John Surface (Lieutenant), 43 years old
El Paso Police Department (19-year veteran)

  • Offense 1: Official Oppression
  • Bond: $15,000

Offender 2: Adan Chavez (Sergeant), 44 years old
El Paso Police Department (21-year veteran)

  • Offense: Official Oppression
  • Bond: $7,500

“The El Paso Police Department remains steadfast in its mission to protect and serve the citizens of El Paso. We stand united against any behavior that tarnishes the reputation of law enforcement and are
resolute in our commitment to transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement.”, said officials in a statement.


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