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Is it Possible to Live Car-Free in Irving?


Having a car has become so commonplace and seemingly necessary that it’s probably the case that we’ve never actually stopped and considered whether we could exist without one. Whether it’s going to work, picking up groceries, or taking the kids to school, most of us hop in the car without even thinking about it.

Not having a car could actually save you thousands of dollars a year, have a huge impact on your health and you’d also be doing your bit for the environment. However, if like most of us, you jump in the car on a daily basis, giving it up could seem like a hugely daunting prospect.

So what are some of the issues you’ll face if you do go car-free and is it possible to park up permanently in Irving? Read on to find out!

Navigating the school run

Giving up the car is a bit trickier if you have a young family to think about. If the sun’s beating down and you live far from the school, walking in the heat may be out of the question. Luckily, Irving has a safe and reliable school transport system and it may even be the case that your child is eligible for free transport, so check out your local provider for more information.

If you live close to the school, you could encourage your child to scoot or cycle there and back- not having to navigate school-run traffic and parking could ultimately prove a better start to the day. Just make sure they know how to travel safely.

Getting the shopping in

Regardless of how well connected you are transport-wise, no one wants to be lugging heavy shopping bags around on the bus and smaller stores in local neighborhoods are often more expensive than the bigger chains. Using a delivery service for your groceries is a huge time-saver. You can order on the go and don’t have to spend time standing in long checkout lines either. There are numerous grocery stores that offer free deliveries as well as services such as Uber Eats, which offer quite substantial discounts the first time you shop online.

Longer journeys

There are times when public transport just isn’t going to cut it. If you’re traveling out of state to visit family or go on holiday, the local bus service will be of no use and taxis could prove costly. It may be more cost-effective to hire a car, as you can then use it for your vacation and then to get home again. Dallas/Fort Worth Airport is home to several great car rental providers and people in Irving can take advantage of Avis Car Rental coupons to get a discount rental car. Using such coupons and discounts, teamed with the fact you're only using a car when necessary could save you a surprising amount of money. If you're super organized and don't leave everything until the last minute, things could work out even cheaper again and you'll also have pick of the bunch when it comes to choosing your ride!

Getting around Irving without the car

If you’re someone who drives everywhere, you might not even be aware of how well-connected Irving is when it comes to public transport. There are a number of transport options available to get you out and about in the city and beyond. The Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) offers both bus and train transportation throughout the region:

DART Rail Orange Line

The Orange Line is a light rail line operating in Dallas, Irving, Richardson, and Plano and runs from Dallas/Fort Worth Airport via downtown Dallas to Plano. This is a reliable and timely service and a great option for getting from A to B without a car.

The DART Bus Service

The DART bus service operates local and express buses to most areas in Irving and both Dallas/Fort Worth Airport and Dallas Love Field Airport. Busses run regularly and it’s a particularly cost-effective mode of transport.

The Trinity Railway Express

This service operates between Fort Worth and Dallas and is perfect for commuters. It currently has two stops in Irving and construction of a rather smart-looking new station in Fort Worth is underway. Trains run regularly and regional day passes are available which offer discounted journeys if you’re a regular traveler.

Cycle Routes and walkways

If you don’t need to travel far to get to work, commuting by bike is, of course, the best way to get around provided that safe walkways and cycle paths are available. Luckily, in Irving, constant work and development is being done to the several cycle trails that are available in the city and initiatives have been put in place to help people cycle to work safely. Irving is also a great place to walk around, with over 122 trails to explore, taking you in and around the city.

Do the math


Time to get the calculator out. Go through your bank statement and work out how much you spend on your car in a year. Don’t forget to include insurance, tax, maintenance, and gas in addition to the cost of the car itself. Compare this with how much you would spend on public transport and any additional costs incurred if you were to ditch the car. Chances are the savings will shock you!

Whilst more and more of us are choosing or are having to give up the car going completely car-free is still a daunting prospect. If this article hasn’t completely convinced you, you could always consider going car-light instead. Speak to colleagues or friends about car-sharing and maybe only use the car at weekends. If the fitness levels soar and the outgoings drop, you might find yourself navigating Irving without a car for good!

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