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Texas Sports Betting: Exploring the Possibilities for the Future

With the recent Supreme Court ruling that overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), Texas is now one of the states that can explore the possibility of legalizing sports betting.

However, locals keen to place a wager will have to wait at least two years as Texas sports betting legislation was struck down by the Senate.

While Bill HB 1942 made it through the House during the 2023 legislative session, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick shared on social media that it would receive consideration.

It came as a blow for Texans eager to bet on their favorite sports as the Texas Legislature meets only every two years and so they must wait until 2025 before the possibility of introducing online sports betting can be discussed again.

This article will look ahead at the betting possibilities in the future for Texas.

Can You Place a Bet on Sports Games and Leagues in the State of Texas in 2023?

As it stands, it is illegal to make any wagers on sports games and leagues in the state of Texas.

There are websites and apps out there that will accept bets from anywhere, including Texas, in the United States. However, these websites could be unregulated operators and so it wouldn’t be wise for Texas gamblers to place a bet with these platforms as there can be no guarantee it is either safe or secure.

Of course, if sports betting is legalized in Texas in the future, players could then benefit as legal sportsbooks will offer exclusive Texas promos and opportunities.

However, until then, Texans have no way of gaming on a regulated platform.

The Benefits of Introducing Legal Sports Betting in Texas

Legalizing sports betting would bring a number of advantages to the state.

For starters, it would create new jobs and generate additional tax revenue for the state. This could be used to fund public services such as education, healthcare and infrastructure. Sports betting being legalized would also provide an additional source of income for local businesses, which could help stimulate the economy.

People interested in sports betting would no longer have to travel out of state or use offshore websites to place their bets. This could also help reduce illegal gambling activities in the state, as people would have a legal option available to them.

Allowing local people to place bets on sports could also help protect consumers by providing them with a regulated environment where they can safely place their wagers without fear of being taken advantage of by unscrupulous operators.

Most Popular Sports That Fans Can Bet on in Texas

Texas is home to a wide variety of sports betting opportunities, with some of the most popular being American football, basketball, baseball and hockey. Football is by far the most popular sport to bet on in Texas, as it is the state’s favorite pastime. The National Football League (NFL) and college football are both extremely popular in Texas, and there would be plenty of possibilities for bettors to place wagers on these games.

Basketball is also played and watched by many people in Texas, with both the NBA and college basketball offering plenty of chances to bet. Baseball is another popular sport to bet on in Texas, with Major League Baseball (MLB) games drawing large crowds throughout the season. Hockey, too, with National Hockey League (NHL) games being watched by thousands of people throughout the winter months.

So, no matter the sport, Texas boasts a host of pursuits that locals could place wagers on if sports betting is legalized in the future.

Overall, gamers in the state will hope sports betting is soon legalized though it’s difficult to tell if this will be passed in 2025 or the years that follow.

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