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Is Gordon Ramsay Set to Open More Restaurants in Texas?

In 2021, Gordon Ramsay moved his restaurant operations from California to Texas. This was with a view to expand his empire across the country massively. The Hell’s Kitchen star has 58 restaurants around the world in total, but only 15 of those are in the USA.

Chef’s HQ Moved to Texas in 2021

When Ramsay moved his headquarters to Texas in 2021, his team planned to open 18 restaurants across the States the following year. The grand plan, according to the group’s CEO Norman Abdallah, is to open 75 locations in the next five years.

The main focus so far has been developing restaurants on the East Coast, with spots in Chicago and Boston. There are grand plans for a range of new establishments in Texas that will be up and running within the next few years.

Industry insiders expect Ramsay to add to his USA portfolio in the next few years, as he looks to increase his already excessive net worth of an estimated $820 million. Some of these new eateries are likely to be established in Texas.

Texas residents can get excited about a new branch of Ramsay’s Street Pizza brand, a concept that originated in London. The restaurants pride themselves on providing bottomless sourdough pizza accompanied by live sports and DJs.

There are also plans to open at least one location of Ramsay’s Fish & Chips in the region. The restaurant offers plenty of traditional options for classic British cuisine, but there are plenty of twists as well. Some of the highlights on the menu include the Fishwich, which features naan bread and avocado spread. There’s the Lobster & Shrimp box, which is a posh upgrade on the classic meal.

Ramsay Best Known for Hell’s Kitchen Series

Ramsay’s empire has grown exponentially over the last 20 years, and a major catalyst for that has been Hell’s Kitchen in the USA. The series began in the UK in 2004 and was quickly exported across the pond in 2005. Ramsay has starred in the Fox version for 21 seasons since then, spanning 330 episodes.

The Hell’s Kitchen franchise has become so massive that it has become untouchable in the realms of cooking shows. It is one of the few celebrity food series that has expanded into games, with Hell’s Kitchen: The Game released by Ubisoft in 2008. There’s also the Hell’s Kitchen slot game, which is available to play with online casino promotions. Players can get a cashback offer of up to $200, along with 500 free spins on selected games.

Hell’s Kitchen isn’t the only string in Ramsay’s bow, though. Since establishing himself as one of the world’s leading celebrity chefs, the 56-year-old has created and starred in various other popular cooking programs. Some of the highlights of his glittering career include Gordon’s Great Escape in 2010 and Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted, which has been running since 2019.

It's exciting to think that Ramsay has plans for many more restaurants across the USA in the future. With his HQ being in Texas, the state is likely to be treated to a few. As the British personality’s fame continues to grow, it makes visits to these establishments all the more special.

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